• Color ranges from a lighter tan to a light brown with black fibers. The fibers become sparser the closer it is to the center of the wood.
  • Has a fine to medium texture, however, this does not mean the texture is even or uniform.
  • Grain is very straight with no growth rings, knots, or defects.
  • Durable regarding decay resistance.
  • Susceptible to insect attacks.
  • Difficult to work with both hand and machine tools. The fibers in the wood contrast with the soft body which may result in the wood to be brittle and splinter.
  • The lighter colored body tends to absorb more finish; a sanding sealer is recommended.
  • Variety in weight, strength, and hardness properties due to how non-homogenous the wood is.

            ***FUN FACT: Some biofuels are made from decaying palm tree wood. ***       



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