R-LOC Metal Roofing

Standard Specifications

  • Metal Roofing Colors:
    • Galvalume, Black, Burnished Slate, Green, Brown, White, Gallery Blue (more expensive), Red, Light Gray, Ivory, Burgundy, Tan, Clay, Blue, Light Stone, Charcoal, Copper Penny (most expensive), Zinc Gray, Bright Red (more expensive), Dark Red (more expensive), and Bright White.
  • 26 GA Galvalume steel substrate
  • 80 ksi minimum yield strength
  • 36″ cover width
  • 1-1/4″ major rib height 
  • Installs over solid substrate or open framing
  • 1:12 recommended minimum roof pitch (sealant recommended in sidelap if <3:12 pitch)
  • Standard lengths to 48″


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